Watson Avatar

IBM Watson is at the forefront of an exciting type of computing – cognitive computing. Watson is an artificial intelligence system that represents “a pioneering collection of ‘cognitive’ computing capabilities that can understand, reason, learn and interact.” Watson “asks questions, discerns patterns, draws connections, discovers and delivers insights” and is now applied to everything from accelerating cancer research and treatment to personalizing teaching based on individual student needs.

As the senior Design Implementation Specialist on IBM’s in-house branding team dubbed Brand Experience & Design (BX&D), Michael Dudley was instrumental in producing that team’s revised vision of the Watson Avatar, a beautifully executed new approach to an abstract representation of AI. The new Avatar successfully maintains the structure and concept of the previous mark, but introduces fading gradients into the back of the sphere to capture the brands three-dimensionality and represent the living system that is Watson.

Project details

Which Dudley?

Michael Dudley


IBM Watson

Project date

4 November 2016

Project location

New York, NY, USA