GWL Skatepark

The village of Greenwood Lake is located in Orange County, NY and situated only 50 miles from New York City. For over a decade, the villagers of this small lake community wanted to build a skatepark for their youth and for the youth of the surrounding villages. In the Spring of 2016, the village suffered the tragic loss of Dale Hirrel, one of Greenwood Lake’s vibrant teenagers and local skateboarders. Dale’s passing became a catalyst for the community to forge ahead with a concentrated effort to finally build that skatepark.

Along with the tremendous efforts of a handful of dedicated local volunteers and the support of the local village and town governments, Michael Dudley was instrumental in the creation and organization of GWL Skatepark Corp., a registered 501(c)(3) charity organization dedicated to raising the necessary funds to design and build a professional concrete flow-park style skatepark. Michael designed the charity’s logo and designed the bulk of the organization’s initial round of merchandise using various vendors for production.

Michael also developed the charity’s web presence, including the functionality of securing online donations and the implementation of an online web shop using WooCommerce. Michael currently serves as the President and Creative Director¬†for GWL Skatepark Corp.

Project details

Which Dudley?

Michael Dudley


GWL Skatepark Corp

Project Deadline

31 July 2020

Project location

Greenwood Lake, NY USA