Ahearne Law

A boutique law firm situated in the picturesque town of Warwick, NY and with offices also located next to Penn Station in midtown Manhattan, The Ahearne Law Firm has a proven track record in multiple legal disciplines. A specialist in personal injury and product liability, Allan Ahearne and his partners represent clients in criminal defense, real estate transactions, matrimonial matters, corporate transactions and commercial litigation.

The Ahearne Law Firm partnered with Michael Dudley to rebrand their growing practice, highlight their many facets and showcase their strong commitment to each of their clients. Michael developed a new logo for Ahearne Law and redesigned their web presence.

Project details

Which Dudley?

Michael Dudley


The Ahearne Law Firm, PLLC

Project date

15 December 2016

Project location

New York, NY & Warwick, NY USA